Tomorrow Josh goes out of town which generally fucks up my workflow. Even though Piper is in daycare from about 9am-4pm, not having someone to split the housework and childcare with translates into less work time. I end up needing to go to the grocery store, clean the kitchen, cook and stuff like that during the day. Any exercise (necessary for health and sanity) has to happen during the day. Its hard to get Piper out of the house on time, and by the time she goes to bed, I’m ready to go to bed. Over half the day gets spent working my internship at the Hartman Center. I only really have a 1-2 hour block everyday this week, so I will have to really be ready to make the most of it.

I am trying to keep the system going: write about 500 words based on notes from the previous day (can usually do this in an hour when I am fresh), then take notes to work from for the next day (depending on the sources this can take one hour or three). One day this week I will forgo writing and just prepare more notes, because, realistically, there will be a lapse at some point. Not thinking about the entirety of the chapter at all this week, only focusing on putting down one word after another. I’ll decide what it all means later.