Amazingly, I got Piper to school by 8:15. But then I came home and took a half hour nap because I slept so terrible last night! Sleep is my priority number one, by the way.

But still, I was in my chair by 9ish. I was tempted to try to finish taking notes on some documents before I started writing, but then I was reading the documents and was pretty disoriented as to what the hell I was using them for, so I stuck with the plan: just write 500 words based on notes from yesterday. 510 words. I could have continued, as I didn’t cover all the notes, but I’ve decided to keep it around 500 so that I don’t burn out or not have enough time to prep notes for the next day. The notes are locked and loaded for tomorrow. Amazingly, this seems to be working. This seems to be about the amount of work that is sustainable on a daily basis. And it only requires about a 2 hour block.

Thinking about how these crappy little nuggets of writing are going to become a coherent chapter is anxiety provoking–but I can’t deal with that shit everyday. I’ll just keep going for the rest of the week and then look it over on Friday.

Now I am going to yoga and then the Hartman Center. Don’t tell, but I actually rearranged my entire work schedule so that I could do yoga during work hours while Josh is out of town (I can’t go in mornings or evenings when he is gone). Again, these are my priorities!