In the past, I’ve relied on having huge blocks of time free from commitments to get work done (at the last minute, usually). Old habits die hard. This year, with a couple part-time gigs, I have only a few mornings plus parts of the weekend. So I need to work at being way more efficient than I have been. Seeing fellow dissertators brainstorm about how to prioritize writing even when we feel like we don’t have enough material to begin is super-helpful.

For primary source material I think I will read first and then write. Otherwise, I like the idea of splitting days up between note-taking and drafting. And I like the idea of starting with writing about the previous days’ notes, and then ending with note-taking again for the next morning of writing. I will try to do this, moving forward. And I will also try to hold myself to carving out at least 3 hours of dissertation work on all weekends I’m in town (more if I’m not working at market).

I hereby promise to use my free mornings as diligently as possible. Just opening the books and documents and notes and beginning anew each day is my biggest challenge. Sad but true! Looking forward to moving ahead.