For the sake of my sanity and my student visa, I need to finish up this Spring!

So far, I’ve got 2 out of 3 main chapters drafted — they’ve got a lot of material (enough?) but I haven’t really brought out coherent arguments in them. And I have some unorganized notes of things to include in a longer intro and conclusion to the project. My plan is to finish drafting the 3rd chapter to match the other 2, and then go through these in order to make them cohere and mirror one another in questions posed and answers tentatively offered (mostly the former), and then move on to the bookends.

So I propose (without consulting a calendar, and knowing I’ll plan some adventures for the fall and winter):
-Finish drafting primary source material: October 22
-Finish drafting secondary source material: November 5
-Reread and sketch out general ideas for edits to all 3: November 20
-Revise Chapter 1 (including an intro and conclusion): December 10
-Revise Chapter 2: January 1
-Revise Chapter 3: January 15
-Write introduction: February 10
-Write conclusion: March 1
-Send to advisor! And then revise! Schedule defense for early April???
-Submit to Grad School by March 15 (somewhere along the way I’ll have to learn how to format everything!)

In general, I send things to my advisor after each step is completed. No substantive feedback so far (just the thumbs up to continue and agreement that drafts are rough), so I have only hope to guide me. And you, fellow dissertators. I’ve allowed myself to move so slowly over the years, so it will be a real struggle to move quickly and also to concentrate so much on something I dislike so much. Onward!