Actually, some writing is easy. The beginning part (at least for me) where I make bold claims and show what I have learned by reading other people’s stuff. The hard part is when it’s time for me to actually say something new(isn) about what I have learned. This too, is the part where all kinds of little voices remind me of all the things I have not read, do not know about, and the search terms I have not used in the library’s database.

Alas, a dissertation (or in my case today, a would be article culled from a dissertation), must say something beyond what has already been said. By the end of the day I am committed to meeting at least two writing goals. First, I have to figure out what I am trying to say in the would-be-article. This is kind of serious because I am presenting about this tomorrow in front of other people, and I do not want to look like a fool. Second– this too must happen because Thursday is a true writing day and I only get two of them during the week– I have to begin the section on Friedan that is currently missing from Chapter 1 of the diss– by begin, I need to write 500 words. This is possible. If it were 1909 I would probably be working a 12 hour shift at a factory (I think this is what my great-grandmother was doing at that point), on top of caring for two children. All things considered, it’s not a bad way to spend the day. Pity Party over, I am out.