I am counting this week overall as a win, even though I basically didn’t meet any of my goals.

Work 7 hours total on dissertation: I worked 6 hours, 26 minutes (ask me how I know this).

Work at least one hour every day (Sun-Fri) on dissertation: Good except for today–didn’t work on it at all.

Write 500 words four days of the week: Good, except only made it to 227 one day.

Rough edit and compile everything from the week and send to Sally: Did not do this. Not the end of the world. I still have 1500+ words ready to add in to the chapter.

I pretty much fell off the wagon today in between not sleeping good, getting Piper to school late, and having to go to Hartman early. But to keep up with my work up through Thursday on a week Josh is out of town is something of a record for me. Usually if Josh is out of town, things start to go down the crapper as early as Tuesday. It is also a win because I nearly accurately assessed what I could do for this particular week. I generally set goals that are unrealistic (even when I am trying to be modest) and then fail to meet them, then have to go through a cycle of discouragement before I set goals anew. But I’m starting to home in on a pace that is working without adding more stress and anxiety.

I’ll be back to set my goals for next week tomorrow, in preparation to work a couple of hours on Sunday morning. Saturdays are totally off.