Thank god Josh is back. My major obstacle this week is that we are going out of town to New Mexico to visit family at the crack of dawn next Saturday, in one week. Which means in addition to getting my work done, I need to get this family ready to go. I am trying to plan in some time for running errands, cleaning, and packing.

I want a 30-ish page draft of chapter 3 by Friday to send to Sally. It is going to be very very rough, but it should at least have all the material that is going to go into it. As in, when I revise and work out the argument, I won’t need to look at sources anymore.

Sunday: Just take notes for ~2 hours. Hopefully get enough of a running start that I can write much more this week than last week.

Monday: Write 750 words; take more notes.

Tuesday: Write 750 words on yesterday’s notes, take more notes.

Wednesday: Repeat.

Thursday: No time for diss.

Friday: Edit last weeks writing and this weeks writing into the draft, and send it off.