What I am figuring out is that I really have to set up what I am going to do the next time I sit down to work, in advance. Like have the notes ready to write up, the document out that I am going to read and take notes on, or just whatever task or problem I am going to tackle next. I have to have already planned to do it when the moment of truth (sitting down to work on the diss) arrives. And I’ve come to terms to just how small of nuggets this has to be chopped up into. I have such small periods of time, in which so little gets done–but it is the only way it will get done, little tiny bit by bit. If I have to sift through stuff, make decisions, try to get clarity on the big picture and then identify what small piece to deal with, I can basically blow the entire day just kind of going in circles. But if I’m ready to go, even if I just have an hour, it can be really productive. And, then, while I am in the midst of having just worked on something, it is not very hard to figure out what needs to come next and set up for the following day.