All my deadlines are Wednesday/Thursday, so that is really fun. Also, I did not know these would be the deadlines and thus, scheduled a discussion of Althusser’s ISA essay in the class I am teaching this week.

After writing all day Saturday and then doing some editing yesterday + hosting my friends for book club, which I normally love but was a little stressful this weekend since I would have liked to be writing nonstop, I just didn’t have it in me to re-read the french theory and prep for class. Luckily the office was quiet this morning and I was able to prepare a good-enough lecture/discussion of Althusser. After lunch I was an industrious bee and came to ‘dissertation writing group’ at a library on campus (me and one other woman I do not know personally sit at a table and write, very low stress writing group) where I read through my draft of chapter 2, which must be good-enough to send as a writing sample by Wednesday. Unfortunately it is not as good as I thought it was when I began the editing last weekend. Sometimes my writing is so informal– what do I think I am doing with that?? I am afraid to do the read-through of Chapter 1, because it’s in even worse shape, and yet, if I am not going to do that I am going to have to return to Ch. 2, delete some of the words (there are way too many) and maybe actually add a conclusion? Apparently this is my thing, I do not conclude any of the essays I write. I think that maybe I have always done this, but it was less of an issue with seminar papers because the professor would be tired by the time she got the end of the paper and would forgive me my failure to conclude.

Enough with the pity party. I am going to return to Ch. 2 draft and use the next 40 minutes to improve that. I happen to be on campus late today for a meeting w. my advisor at 5, meaning I won’t be able to make it to my regular Monday cycling class at the gym(:(… despair), and thus, should make the most of my long work day.

On to this, but instead of singing, furiously typing: