Hi everyone, I’m Mike, a member of Paige’s cohort at Duke also in the process of churning out a “good enough” dissertation by the spring. I currently have initial drafts of five chapters complete. They are very rough. I just finished a draft of a writing sample for job applications due October 15, which I turned in to a committee member today and will hopefully be able to make changes based on feedback very soon. That writing sample will form the basis for an extended second draft of the chapter it’s based on, which I hope to have complete by the end of October. Anyway, in keeping with the practice of making a list of pending deadlines, and in the hope that making it public will shame me into sticking to it, I include the following.

Excited to be a part of this!

October 15
– Polished writing sample and remaining application materials

October 30
– Second draft, chapter two
– Second draft, chapter three
– first draft, introduction

November 15
– second draft, chapter three

November 30
– second draft, chapter four
– second draft, introduction

December 15
– second draft, chapter five
– third draft, chapter one

January 15
– third draft, chapter two
– first draft, conclusion

January 30
– third draft, chapter three
– second draft, conclusion

February 15
– third draft, chapter four

February 30
– third draft, chapter five

March 15
– third draft, intro/conclusion
– submit full dissertation to committee

April 15
– defend; cover Duke in reflected glory