My insane week of writing/editing all the time continues on. My brain is so full of words and my eyes are so glazed over by the screen that I am concerned I may be coming down with something. I’m pretty sure I probably seemed like a crazy person while I was teaching class today.

I’m at the point in a writing project where the deadline is so close (what up 10/1 midnight Eastern Standard Time!) that motivation is finally not at all the problem, and the problem is my own brain and my inability to use my words to say what I think (and also, to even understand what I think I am trying to say). I wish I could channel this kind of energy on a regular day when there is no deadline, because then maybe when I had the energy the words I was editing would be better.

While last week I thought the first two chapters of the diss were looking pretty good, today I realized that chapter 1 is kind of bullshit. I mean, it has promise and potential, but in its current form it is a lot of fluff. So I am trying to condense it into a good-enough version of itself so that it may constitute a writing sample. Chapter 2, though also not perfect, just has better ideas in it, and so I’m less concerned about it. So yeah, I’m going to go ahead and print out all this stuff and read it on real paper and then return to my screen.