Hello, dissertators–

I’m Sarah, and Paige and I both members of a PAL sponsored writing group (“PALWIT8”) that is just beginning to coalesce. I’m here to invite you all to another space that Paige is using in conjunction with this blog to track progress towards her dissertation goals this semester. We are currently using the popular team collaboration service “Slack” in order to check-in to set goals at the beginning of a live writing session and to recap individual writing sessions in real time. There is potential for live online “sit and write” sessions, and sometimes Paige and I have found ourselves working at the same time, but every feature can be used asynchronously as well. You are all welcome to take a look and see how it works!

If you would like an invitation to create a free account and check out this space, just navigate to http://palwit8.slack.com/ and sign-in with your Duke e-mail address (within the next week or so). If you don’t have a Duke e-mail address (no sweat, neither do I!), leave a comment, and we’ll arrange to get your e-mail address without you having to post it here for the world to see. Either way, it should be quick and easy to check out before deciding whether you would like to stick around. If you do stick around, we will be delighted to have you.

Thanks for listening to my spiel!