First, Thank you Paige for badgering me to watch Broad City. It is the best thing ever and makes me super happy.

Second, I have been supremely unproductive this morning, and I’m going to chalk it up to ‘post deadline fatigue,’ as in, after handing in all that stuff last week, and two working weekends in a row I am kind of tired of thinking. I am also way behind in teaching. I have graded 4 papers, still have five to grade before I get a whole new batch on Monday. Instead of working on the diss this morning, I baked a plum torte and pumpkin bread? My excuse for this is that I am in charge of bringing baked goods to school tomorrow for my department’s coffee break thing. However, I did not need to make two things. I just wanted to do something different with my brain. I did listen to The Feminist Mystique on audible while baking, so maybe that counts?

Yesterday I set up some new deadlines for the rest of the month, and it is clear that next week is going to be a big week for me– another application deadline, another re-write deadline for a chapter. So I need to stop baking cakes and get to work. Here’s to doing that. And Paige, congrats on the draft submission!