Not having lots and lots of time to myself makes me a crazy person. This is day 9 of basically zero time to myself. A solid week of visiting family. We did a comical sprint through DFW to make a connecting flight. Good thing Piper is so fast. Then Josh had to turn around and travel for work the very morning after we got home. It turns out our cat was locked in a room for about 2 days with no food or water, which was a pretty stressful welcome home. I am in a total physical, mental, and emotional deficit.

Which means I’m not exactly ready to hit the ground running on chapter 4 tomorrow. I have no plan and only the foggiest idea of what the chapter is about. And I need to make a plan for how to get the “draft” I sent off last week into an actual approximation of a legitimate draft.

Basically, if I get Piper off to school at 9 am, I will probably use the remaining 2.5 hours before I have to go to Hartman on a sanity check, eating, cleaning the house, doing laundry, figuring out dinner for the next few days, and–with luck–starting to lay out a plan for where to begin with chapter 4.

And, my parents are visiting in 2 weeks. Terrific. I am trying to avoid a downward thought spiral in which I question how I will ever finish my dissertation if Josh keeps traveling for work and we keep seeing so much family. The composition of this post was interrupted twice to send Piper back to bed!