The sanity check revealed very low levels. Working on that.

In the meantime, modest goals for the week:

To get chapter 3 more up to snuff, I need to read through the whole thing and make an outline of what is there. I’ll do that this week. Then, sometime but not right now, I will make a list of no more than 5 secondary readings that will be most helpful for moving the chapter along, read them and take notes on them. Then, make new outline of the chapter, including resolving whatever holes need to be filled.

For chapter 4, first I just need to go back and read whatever speculative abstract I have written on it. This week I will go through my sources and make a list of everything pertinent, to have a working pile of sources. I’ll start organizing, prioritizing them. Possibly I will read and take notes on some.

I am not getting any writing done this week, I’m not ready yet. But my goal for this week is to get ready to write 500 words four days out of next week.

I also have some miscellaneous crap I can’t put off any longer and e-mail that needs tending.

Dinner this week is variations on theme of take out. The house is a dysfunctional disater. Piper and I are jet lagged, which means sleeping in too late. And I am having moments of sheer rage that Josh has to travel so much and that no one seems to get that if they ever want me to fucking graduate they need to leave me alone!! I’ve decided on a moratorium on all trips and house guests after December (if only it could go into effect immediately), until my dissertation is submitted.