Paige, I am so with you on the moratorium on houseguests! I actually told my parents they were not invited to visit this semester. I felt bad about it, but I am finding that I am the best at this dissertating thing when I can utilize working weekends. I am the worst when I am out of town on the weekend and don’t even have time to do the things necessary to make the week productive– laundry, groceries, basic cleaning, etc.  My parents said they understood, but there was resistance. The same thing happened over the summer, I went to see them for a weekend in August (this is after a whole week with them in May), and my Mom was disappointed I couldn’t give her more time. It’s as if people can’t decide whether what we do is a job or is college, even though they have been told many times that it is a job. And really, if it were college, we would have finished, we are smart enough to finish college quickly. PhDing is something else.

My last week was spent just getting myself back to normal after a visit from a friend (which was fun but also, draining), and reorganizing my semester deadlines. I also graded all the papers that had accumulated while I was in job application/publication mode. This week I have another application due tomorrow, which I expect to submit tonight. I should be more stressed but my allergies are so bad that my head is really not capable of having serious feelings about anything. I also think, I will apply for this thing, but I am not going to lose my shit over it. The chances that they will be interested in me are small, and whether or not they are interested will likely be determined by arbitrary factors that are out of my control. It’s fall break at UNC, which means I get Friday off from teaching, so I’m going to try to make the most of the two-day Thursday/Friday writing block, which I have not had since August. Hopefully the allergies (or maybe I am just sick?) will let up by then.

Off to it.