Are you guys meeting your goals? Yes? No? I gotta say, I don’t understand some of your logic here. Mike, how are you going to have a second draft of two different chapters and a first draft of the introduction all due on the same day? How is that even possible?

I am really trying to get going. I need to write about 2000 words a week to make it to a shitty draft of chapter 4 by November 19. I’ve got a lot of sources to sift through, which I started doing today. Some things I just have no idea what I am going to do with. I have these bizarre, overflowing case files from the Bureau of Indian Affairs for individual Alaska Natives who tried to get jobs or job training through the agency. But what am I going to do with them? How will I analyze them? Do I even have enough of a big picture to contextualize them? A lot of the sources for this chapter are just not very straight forward and I think I am missing crucial pieces of information to tell a coherent story.

Today, I almost had to go get Piper from daycare because the power went out and they are required to close if the power is out for longer than 30 minutes. The lights came back on within half an hour, thank goodness. But now that I know this is a possible scenario, I’m worried about winter. “Snow days” don’t really have the same appeal when it means your childcare is compromised.

One thing at a time. Tomorrow, I have about an hour in the morning to keep going through the sources and pulling out relevant stuff for the chapter.