I usually do ZERO work on Saturdays. But this weekend, I am going to just go an hour and try to flesh out/revise a paragraph or two from the first part of chapter 4 I wrote today. Because I have gotten into a good rhythm where, even though the snail’s pace is maddening, it is reliably inching forward. so I would like to inch forward on Saturday just to keep my head in the game and not have to get reoriented on Sunday when I sit down to work.

Sat–about 1 hour, about 1 paragraph for ch 4

Sun–figure out what to tackle next in chapter 4, and start organizing and reading the relevant sources

Then next week, I will go back and forth between fleshing out/revising first section of chapter 4; reading sources and taking notes for next section of chapter 4; and doing secondary reading for chapter 3.