This week is full and active, but my basic morning writing blocks are preserved (except for Thursday, that day is toast). What I want to get done this week:

–Continue to fill out the first part of chapter 4 so that it is a coherent 1500-2000 words I can send to my adviser.

–Write a new abstract and chapter outline, send to adviser and one committee member.

–The progression of chapter 4 is pretty foggy, because I still haven’t gotten through the relevant sources to know exactly what I can/will cover. But, i want to pull together, read, and note take on enough sources to begin another chunk of writing on the weekend, probably about the various agreements the pipeline mangers made to hire Alaska Natives.

That’s it. By the following Monday, I want to have some more clarity on the overall chapter that I can do more “busy work” kind of stuff without thinking too much: taking notes on a pile of sources, secondary reading. Because my parents are coming for 3 days, then Josh is going out of town for 3 days. I need to be in a spot where I can keep pushing forward even when am strapped for time and sanity.