the “ho” is totally excessive, unnecessary, and a complete play to a multiplicity of stereotypes that might be associated with my person. but when I told M about na-no-wri-mo-ac-bo-wri-no-bo-no-mo … he, classically, finished my sentence with an exaggerated neck roll, two snaps and a side-eyed “ho.” because, rhyming. the end.

following up, anyone “doing” #acwrimo? since november is annually a complete wash, i’ve decided to give it a shot. with extensive travel, two conferences on separate coasts, and several weeks with family in different parts of the country, i’m hoping this will help me stay in my routine (and on top of my writing schedule).

my goal is send out a decent-enough draft of my intro and first chapter to readers on december 1. so i’m committing to 80 pomodoros (writing + revising, no research included) for november, an average of 4 pomo sessions per weekday.

in earnest, I’m probably going to need to do more writing than just that. but seeing as I will only be in my own home for 6 days out of this month (!!!), I figure that’s rigorous enough to make me have some semblance of discipline, while also still being achievable.


SN: weird lurker confession: paige, you are my pomo guru. back in the day when I was still on fB, I used to see your pomo posts and think, “wow, this girl is really on top of her ish. and she has a kid. what manner sorcery is this?” anyway, a year and some change later, I thank you for showing me the way, ye evangelist of the tomatoes 🙂