So the application season is slowly beginning to recede into the background, and now the trouble will be to get cracking again on the dissertation. Paige posed a question a few weeks ago about how I was going to apply for jobs, revise two chapters, and write an introduction in October. The answer is that I wasn’t going to. I continue to have a hard time creating realistic deadlines and meeting them. I met what were the most important deadlines – jobs and postdocs – but the “internal” ones went by the wayside. I had made some progress taking notes on primary sources for the revisions of one of those chapters, but as application deadlines encroached, those ended up falling off as well, and now it’s a matter of recreating dissertation momentum.

I still have a couple things I want to finish up for my application though, particularly because I have most of my materials up at my website and I want them to be “good enough” if people click on them. So today, teaching statement. Tomorrow, research statement. The goal is to have them good enough by 5 or 6 p.m. each day.

And then my most important project is probably paring a couple chapters down to readable length in case a committee requests additional writing samples. After that, I’m writing my introduction. The new books will be in the mail by the end of the day.

Thanks, also, for everyone contributing to this. It is a huge source of motivation to read peoples’ posts.