I posted a week ago, optimistic that I was recovering from that awful cold. Only to basically fall apart with prolonged coughing fits for the next couple of days until I went to the doctor and got various drugs to treat my bronchitis. Today I had the most energy and least coughing I have had in what seems like forever. And I can finally sleep through the night.

I lost a lot of time. But I specifically was trying not to go into a panic spiral of how will I ever possibly finish my dissertation if I lose 2 weeks to being sick?!? I basically didn’t work at the Hartman for 2 weeks, which is really fine, since my boss said he doesn’t  care about me making up the hours. That left all day every day at home, and on all but maybe 3 days of the whole ordeal, I felt well enough to work on my dissertation for an hour or two. Which is practically all I work on it when I am well! So, not that bad over all I guess.

I am extending my chapter 4 work period through to Thanksgiving (as opposed to Nov 19, which was the original plan) and see where I get.

Let’s just hope I really am getting well this time.