Ok, I have 8 more days (including today) to hash out a draft of chapter 4. And as I have said before, I am not good with internal deadlines. And, of those 8 days, Piper will be out of school for 5 of them. And 1 is a major holiday.

So, first off, keeping Thanksgiving contained: Josh is doing the shopping now. There are a couple of prep things I will do Tues & Weds evening, but other than that, Thanksgiving is strictly forbidden from encroaching on work time. Thanksgiving is just Thursday, not an entire week.

Second, protecting the blocks I do have, and coming to terms with what I can reasonably accomplish in that time. I have the following:

Sun 9-1

Mon 8:30-11

Tues 9-1

Weds 10-11 & 3-3:45

Thurs OFF, maybe 6:30-8pm

Fri 9-12 or as much as I can get away from my spouse and child

Sat Mostly OFF

Sun 9-12 or as much as I can get away from my spouse and child

For any days that I am not able to get in the work time I planned, I am reserving the right to make Josh do bedtime so I can do some work in the evening. My guilt trip refrain lately is: “Don’t you WANT me to finish my dissertation?!?”

How to get through the material. This draft will not have an argument. It will not cover all the stuff I initially imagined going into it. I’ve already sent off 12 pages to Sally, I want to write at least 20 more for this first round.

I am starting with the Tanana Chiefs/CETA stuff. So so so much material here, but I think when I really start to read and think through it, a lot will be redundant. This will be one of the main programs I am going to discuss. Second, figure out the ASMUS stuff. Not totally sure how this program overlaps with the others or if it is a stand alone thing. Figure it out. Third, the BIA stuff. Already through some of this, it should not be too hard. Finally, what is the role of Alyeska in all of this? So, basically, I’ve got three more main topics I want to put in the chapter, which means trying to cover one every 2 days or so.

The pre-writing/writing strategy: Do 1-2 hours of reading and pre-writing on a set of sources, then move to 1-2 hours of turning that into writing-writing. ***EDIT: Just realized I need to flip this! Take notes so that I can begin the next morning with the writing. So, first half of the work session is writing, second half is notetaking/pre-writing, then always end evaluating where I am at and what sources need to come next.*** End each day looking over what the most productive set of primary sources will be to look at next. The key to keep moving forward now is to keep my eye on the forest so I don’t get bogged down in small issues.

Though I am not making November 30 a deadline where I feel this needs to be finished, it is important that on December 1 I move on to revising chapter 3 and preparing to write the introduction (planning on trying to draft the intro at the Dec 9 writing retreat). The more complete I can get chapter 4 in the next 8 days, the less I will have to do later, during the time I have scheduled for revising it.