Ok, here is the master plan for the next 5 days.

Friday: 6 pomos on chapter 4 in afternoon and evening: 2 before I get Piper, 1 while Piper watches WildCratts (one of the Cratt bros is a Duke alum, BTW), 2 while Josh does bedtime. Quit by 8pm. Send it to Sally.

Saturday: Have a family morning with breakfast and SkyZone (its an indoor trampoline park). 8 pomos starting at noon: 4 from 12-2pm, 4 whenever later, but breaking for dinner. This will all be on the introduction. Send it to Sally as is (it will not be done). Finish by 7pm and enjoy some television.

Sunday: Go to Monuts and stock up on food. Start working on East at 9am. Work date with Dominique. Quit at noon. Take the afternoon off. Do yard work outside with Piper, weather permitting. Do a few more pomos while Josh does bedtime (again) to make 8 for the day. All this will be on Chapter 5.

Monday: 8 pomos on whatever needs it. Meet Sally in the afternoon.

Tuesday: AM yoga. Some morning pomos. Then Hartman in the afternoon. Then evening pomos.

Wednesday: AM yoga. Work like hell until 2pm then go to campus and print. Deliver.